Igor Willcox Quartet
Live at The Jazz Room (Canadá)


Igor Willcox Quartet - LIVE!

Igor Willcox  - #1

"This album is the result of an incredible tour and experience in this wonderful country.

It's been a week traveling across Canada in cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Waterloo, Toronto, playing at the most important jazz clubs". Igor Willcox

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" This is the first LIVE album of Igor Willcox Quartet, featuring Vini Morales, Glecio Nascimento, Clayton Sousa, Erik Escobar e Fernando Rosa.

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In his debut album solo, Igor Willcox has special guests as Bocato, Carlos Tomati, Vini Morales, Erik Escobar, Clayton Sousa, Bruno Alves, Glecio Nascimento, Fernando Rosa, Rubem Farias, Jj Frannco e Marcus Cesar.

The album titled # 1, has his own compositions as well as guest musicians.

Igor Willcox Quartet Live at The Jazz Ro


Igor Willcox Quartet

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"Fresh single from the explosive jazz-fusion Igor Willcox Quartet starting the new year with an effervescent composition fueled with impetuous drumming and imaginative interactions." - Jazz World Quest (Canadá)

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