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Cd Igor Willcox Quartet - Live at The Jazz Room (Canada) - Worldwide Shipping

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This album is the result of an incredible tour and experience in this wonderful country.It's been a week traveling across Canada in cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Waterloo, Toronto, playing at the most important jazz clubs.

Recorded at The Jazz Room in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Thanks to the Grand River Jazz Society for the use of this recording.

Purchasing the CD now, you will guarantee your physical copy, will receive immediately the full album in your email in high-quality mp3 format (320k).

Official release date: Oct 16, 2019

Cd Track List:

1- Brotherhood

2- The Scare

3- Waltz For My Love

4- Julie's Blues

5- Piano Intro

6- Brad Vibe

7- Room 73

8- U.F.O

Bonus Tracks:

- Thankful

- Lifetime

- Fred

- Humpty Dumpty

*The bonus tracks are not included on the physical copy, but It will be sent to your e-mail in mp3 high quality(320kbps), after the purchase.


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