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Igor Willcox Quartet Live at The Jazz Ro

This album is the result of an incredible tour and experience in this wonderful country.

It's been a week traveling across Canada in cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Waterloo, Toronto, playing at the most important jazz clubs.

Igor Willcox Quartet:

Wagner Barbosa - saxophone/aerophone

Vini Morales - piano/ keyboards

Glecio Nascimento - electric bass

Igor Willcox - drums

Track List:
1- Brotherhood (Igor Willcox)
2- The Scare (Igor Willcox)
3- Walzt For My Love (Igor Willcox)
4- Julie's Blues (Igor Willcox)
5- Piano Intro (Vini Morales)
6- Brad Vibe (Vini Morales)
7- Room 73 (Igor Willcox)
8- U.F.O (Igor Willcox)
Bonus Tracks:
- Thankful (Erik Escobar)
- Lifetime (Igor Willcox)
- Fred (Allan Holdsworth)
- Humpty Dumpty (Chick Corea)
* 1- The CD does not contain the bonus tracks.
2- The 4 bonus tracks will be sent to your email in high-quality mp3 format (320k) as soon as the CD purchase is finalized.
$20,00 + shipping 

By purchasing the CD now, you will guarantee your physical copy and will receive immediately the full album in your email in high-quality mp3 format (320k).
"With his second live release in as many years, Brazilian drummer Igor Willcox continues to display—with equal parts potent suppleness and sheer fusion momentum—the high energy level at the core of his game. Add to that Newton's Third Law—that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction—and you've got a really clear read on what Live at the Jazz Room (Canada) is all about.

The quartet—saxophonist Wagner Barbosa, keyboardist/pianist Vinícius Morales and bassist Glécio Nascimento—ignite the proceedings with a funk/groove charge firing on all cylinders on "Brotherhood," one of four titles, including "The Scare," "Waltz for My Love" and "Room 73," that also appear on Willcox's 2018 outing Live! (Room 73 Records).

But if you'll recall from not long ago, some sage or pundit posited that energy was key to Willcox's game, and that holds as unerringly true for his three cohorts. Barbosa and Morales are particularly flammable, ("The Scare," "Room 73," "UFO"), while Nascimento ("Julie's Blues") pops, burbles and shifts foundations with confident juxtaposition. Unfalteringly, Willcox's kinetic swing/fusion holds it all remarkably together ("Waltz for My Love," "Brad's Vibe," and the extra-exuberant set closer, Chick Corea's "Humpty Dumpty.") In the end, besides the undeniably energizing listen, one can only wonder how much fire insurance Canadian venues filed for when these four left the building." -
Mike Jurcovic - All About Jazz (NY).
"Recorded during their 2019 Canadian tour “Live at The Jazz Room ” showcases the talent and energy of four well-matched virtuosic musicians who already made their way up to the top of the Brazilian Jazz fusion scene.
Captured live, this performance can be considered a complement of their “#1” studio album but the surprise it’s around the corner. The album contains extended versions of the previous recorded songs freshened up with catchy solos and improvisations.
The mood goes from subtle to passionate and upbeat the arrangements leaving enough space for each musician to show his best without restraint. and the album is plenty of such vibrant moments.
Animated by the same kindred spirit the four artists make the music flow with joy and freedom. Vini Morales on piano and keyboards puts his mark on “Waltz For My Love”, “Room 73”, “Thankful”, “Brotherhood”, “The Scare”. Glecio Nascimento on bass has excellent solos on “Brad Vibe”, “Julie´s Blues” and “Humpty Dumpty” “Waltz For My Love”, saxophonist Wagner Barbosa fires up his talent on “Brotherhood”, “Lifetime”, “Fred” “The Scare” “U.F.O.”
On drums, bandleader and composer Igor Willcox delivers an exciting performance without sparing an occasion to make this live performance one that stands on your memory long after has finished. As the composer of most of the tunes, he imagined a set of multi-layered compositions where rhythms and melodies come together in surprising combinations charged with emotion. Spacious on “Waltz For My Love” and “Brad Vibe ” passionate and impetuous on “Humpty Dumpty”, “Room 73″ or on” Lifetime” a song filled with subtle shifts in rhythm he shows his skills of fine musician and craftsman. If you like jazz fusion, this album will please you with every minute of it".
Jazz World Quest - (Canada)
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