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" A fresh release from the Brazilian power group Igor Willcox Quartet, displaying once more their creative power already proved to be solidly rooted in a fertile jazz fusion territory.
After a syncopated introduction weaved by intense drumming, organ and sax the song grows into a series of intricate free-flowing exchanges colored by inspired solos. The flawless interplay between saxophone and keys creates a mysterious sonic space rich in nuances fueled by the liveliness of drumming and pounding bass lines. Building around a melodically-adventurous concept that may suggest to some listeners moments of Billy Cobham’s Total Eclipse, the band balances with skillful tension and softer intermezzos that ultimately manage to keep the listener involved until the end. " Jazz World Quest (Canada).

Wagner Barbosa – saxophone
Vini Morales – keys
Glecio Nascimento – electric bass
Igor Willcox – drums/composer/mixing/mastering
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