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Igor Willcox Quartet

Formed by Igor Willcox (drums/compositions),

Erik Escobar (electric piano/synth), Wagner Barbosa (saxophone) and Glecio Nascimento

bass) featuring elements of jazz, funk and fusion.

The group – which plays original compositions, exploring all musicality,

spontaneity, and synergy - has achieved great notoriety in the instrumental music scene, standing out and performing in the most important Jazz clubs around the world such as Blue Note, Yardbird Suite (Edmonton - Canada), Bourbon Street, The Jazz Room (Waterloo - CA), Frankie’s Jazz (Vancouver- CA), Bucking Jam Palace (Calgary - CA), The Rex (Toronto-CA), and Jazz Festivals such as North City Jazz Festival (Serbia), Bansko Jazz Festival (Bulgaria), Nisville Jazz Festival (Serbia), Summer Jazz Festival (Slovenia), Panama Jazz Festival, Santos Jazz Festival (Brazil), Play Jazz Festival (Brazil), MB Jazz (Souza Lima Berklee), etc.




“Live at The Jazz Room”, recorded during its tour in Canada in April/2019. 

The album is available in Cd format and digital format on the most important streaming services. 

“Recorded during their 2019 Canadian tour “Live at The Jazz Room ” showcases the talent and energy of four well-matched virtuosic musicians who already made their way up to the top of the Brazilian Jazzfusion scene. The mood goes from subtle to passionate and upbeat the arrangements leaving enough space for each musician to show his best without restraint. and the album is plenty of such vibrant moments. Animated by the same kindred spirit the four artists make the music flow with joy and freedom.” – Jazz World Quest(Canada) .

The album is available in Cd format and digital format on the most important streaming services.




“The first Live album of the Brazilian drummer Igor Willcox quartet, captures the spirit of a strongly welded band performing at a high voltage in the most impassioned and interactive way. It features seven original songs along with three compositions by jazz fusion legends such as Allan Holdsworth, Wayne Shorter and Lenny White.
Ten tracks of unexpected, creative interactions resulted from the combined strength of four virtuosi musicians, each of them contributing with their inventive skills to a perfect fusion of musicality and rhythm. “Fans of jazz fusion will enjoy a high-quality album delivered by a phenomenal band fueled by the natural energy of like minds playing as a singular voice”. (Jazz World Quest).

Complete review on All About Jazz, one of the most important jazz sites of the world.:



Listen to the albums and singles on your favorite streaming service:




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